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Thank you for visiting this Website. MBiO is a part of an open life science project supported by Open Life Science Program-3.

The field of molecular biology is a concept to discover, identify and explain mechanisms of everything about DNA, RNA and protein level in a cell. Despite it is a relatively young discipline, its prominence in the life sciences is becoming more and more popular. This website is a resource for the academic community, students and all other folks who want to read and learn in this field. On this website, you will find brief summaries of research articles, review articles, useful free tools as well as protocols that you can use in the wet lab.

Here is an open platform for anyone who is willing to contribute. You can comment, share ideas and discuss so it will help to develop collaborations among people who are interested in scientific field.

As a community we welcome everyone and encourage contributions of all kinds from people all over the world to build our website in a friendly collobrative environment.To exercise a positive and professional environment we advise our users and contributors to practice the following Code of Conduct;

Our code of conduct outlines:

  • Be welcoming and friendly
  • Be respectful at all levels of users and contributors
  • Knowing that not all of us will agree all the time and being respectful of different opinions
  • Focusing on what is the main goal for the website