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May 23, 2021

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This website is an open platform for anyone who is willing to contribute. You can comment, share ideas and discuss. Here is the place for commenting about science.The following are some tips to help us as a contributer or user to write comments and responses;

  • Be friendly and patient
  • Be Polite: If you disagree with someone, respectfully outline specific points.
  • Be descriptive: Express yourself and your ideas as clearly as possible
  • Be welcoming: We are welcoming and supporting people of all backgrounds who wants to learn and share.

Do you want to collaborate ?

  • If you have an idea about a new project,
  • If you want to discuss about scientific papers,
  • If you want to share your lab protocols to help open life sciences,
  • If you want to collaborate with me to write new posts, Please contact me contact me. Every contribution will be very much appreciated in the field of molecular biology to improve this website.

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